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Gear Box Tractor PTO Turmeric Polisher


  • Designed with high quality steel meshes, sheets, cast pulleys and bearings
  • Removes all the dust particles, Sediments from turmeric
  • Latest model of Turmeric polishing machine.
  • It is designed with high quality steel meshes, sheets, and bearings.
  • Removes all the dust particles and sediments from turmeric with no wastage and makes turmeric golden colour.
  • Requires less man power.


Technical Specifications#

Product Details:

Output Torque 0.16-161rpm
Input Speed 600~1500rpm
Power 0.06-15kW
Material Cast Iron

3”  polish  shaft

1”  x 1”  MS  wire  mesh

5” x 1” 18  gauge  GI  mesh

Tractor  PTO  soft   driving

Gear box

# Technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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